Pastor James & Kathy Loomer

Christ began transforming James Loomer’s heart more than 41 years ago – and continues to shape his life. 

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Pastor Jim’s early adult life was influenced strongly by his undergraduate work at the University of California. There he adopted a progressive spiritual and political worldview that, in his words, was “hostile toward America’s history and mission.”   

Defining Moments:

A defining moment occurred in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1973, where he met a sinister Viet Cong agent while traveling through Europe. “The encounter made me realize my socialist sympathy was misplaced and I became a heartfelt American, who now desired to uphold traditional America rather than tear it down.”

Another defining moment occurred in 1978, when he recognized – and rejected – his lifestyle of ambivalence about God and right living.   

Having given his life to Christ, Pastor Jim served his local church in virtually every lay capacity, from maintenance to teaching to youth leader.

In 1989, he was called into the ministry when Pastor Richard Scallon, founder of  Berean Assembly of God, asked Jim to become pastor, leaving behind his entrepreneurial pursuits of restaurateur and general contracting.   

Married for 40 years to his first love, Kathleen, Pastor Jim’s family includes his three sons: Jimmy, Justin, and Jason.  He also is a spiritual father to many.   

In addition to serving as senior pastor for over 32 years, Pastor Jim is principal of Berean Christian Academy, now in its 25th year.

Defining Characteristics:  Ask the members of Milford Christian Church and they will tell you Pastor Jim:

  • Has a heart for candor among church leaders and has fostered unity among churches.  
  • Has the heart of the Father and is a friend to many, some as far as Nigeria where he has ministered over the last nine years, honorably installed as chief in a village of over one million.  
  • Desires true discipleship in the Word, for an intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit, and a genuine expression of God’s Kingdom in the hearts and lives of people throughout the earth.  
  • Has a vision to strengthen America by rediscovering her Christian history; restoring her mission, families and institutions; and for all people to see joy in the midst of both triumphs and trials.