Women's Ministry

Women have always played an important role in every aspect of life.  

  • In the family, it’s been the woman who has been the anchor of the home as wife, mother and nurturer. 
  • Our moms were always the ones we turned to for help – the hub of the wheel that holds it all together, irreplaceable, through the ages making the family work.   

Today, the woman’s role has taken on even more responsibility, as most of us have become “bread winners,” too.   

At Milford Christian Church, our monthly women’s meetings were developed to help us deal with today’s demands and support one another in every way we can - spiritually, emotionally and practically.   

As we reach out to one another, we extend an invitation to women in the community who do not have a home church to become part of our team.  We refer to a team because like a sport’s team, each of us has a special role to play, and a gift to give that will inspire, encourage and help one another.   

Our common goal is to accomplish God’s will and purpose in our lives.  Our monthly meetings are a place where you can: 

  • Let your hair down. 
  • Love, laugh, share your heart, and pray for one another. 
  • Be yourself and not be judged, but helped by women who truly care about you.    

We invite women of all ages to join us and become a vital part of the “team.”  Meeting information will be anounced and posted in the bulletin a few weeks in advance, so you can plan to come, and feel free to bring a friend.   We  would also like to invite all the women of the church to join our birthday club.   If you would like to join us contact Eileen Sette